A Message from Author Peter Lucia

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Please Note: "The Murder At Asbury Park"

Is Currently Out of Print .

Thank you very much for your interest in "The Murder At Asbury Park."

Here are page samples from THE MURDER AT ASBURY PARK. These give you an idea of how the pages are laid out, with text, illustrations and documents. (The pages scroll down like a word processor.) I have tried hard to live up to the responsibilty of having this material and have corrected a great many errors and fabrications that have continually plagued this story. I have invented nothing -- not emotion or atmosphere. The story is told with literal accuracy.

Here are pages 65 - 72:

Asbury Park New Jersey murder mystery story private detective thumbnails1

Asbury Park New Jersey murder mystery story private detective thumbnails2

It took a lot of patience and a whole lot of hunting to find many of the images used in THE MURDER AT ASBURY PARK. Only one of the many photos in the work has ever appeared with the case before. And most supporting characters (and even some major ones) have never before been mentioned in any single account of this case. These are people whom history had forgotten.

On a few occasions I use modern shots of places; a few times I have carefully altered some of these images to suggest age (mostly for atmospheric continuity). There is a 16-page bibliography of illustrations that tells you the source of each item.

Here are pages 275 - 282:

Asbury Park New Jersey murder mystery story private detective thumbnails3

Asbury Park New Jersey murder mystery story private detective thumbnails4

On some occasions in the main text, and always in the Appendix, I use transcribed detective reports rather then the actual scans. I did this for those reports that were in very bad shape and/or where I thought the reader might need a little rest from the old yellowed paper and typing (mostly in the middle of the work). I present the transcribed ones on a pale yellowish background and in courier font, as in the following example:

Asbury Park New Jersey Murder mystery story transcribed private detective report

THE MURDER AT ASBURY PARK contains nearly 35 pages of notes and supporting material in the Appendix. These can be read optionally or separately. They are very interesting in themselves. Besides an extensive bibiography and a 15-page list of illustrations, the work contains new biographcal sketches of William J. Burns and Raymond C. Schindler.

It's a lost world recaptured!