About My Computer Images

I like to call my computer art "diversions" because most of my stuff simply entertains me, both in the doing and in the looking. In fact, I'm not really sure if I should call most of it "art" at all. I mean that very few of my pieces reach the level of personal interest or exactitude reflective of what I would like to do. It's basically a pasttime. My abstract or surreal stuff, for example, I see  as a quirky diversion, although some of my later  semi-abstractions (e.g. the Venice photo merges), I must say, show the beginnings of a real style, which I rather like. There are a handful of such pieces strewn about, here and there.

Many, many ideas (more suited to my soul) infuse me, ideas that I have not implemented for reasons of time (and  talent). Nevertheless, I do enjoy tinkering with images and I usually find the outcome amusing. I do some funny "art" simply because it's diverting "joke"; I also do it to "vent" the non-rational side of myself  (because in everyday life I must respect and pursue reason -- but with some traditional yearning for what we cannot fully know). In short, silliness is okay once in awhile.

NB: I have placed a great many more examples of my computer diversions on the "Many Things" page, as well as some of my computer-altered photos (merges), which I particularly like.

Now have a grapefruit...