Sunset Lake is situated in the northeast part of town, two blocks from the ocean. It is more like a large neighborhood pond than a lake. East to west, it is four blocks long. It is one block wide. The most interesting thing about Sunset Lake is its seven cupcake islets. These are mossy humps overgrown with tall old trees. You can walk onto only one, the largest, Saint John's Island. You descend a few old steps from the Grand Avenue Bridge. The closest other hump was always just a little too far to leap to (even with a running start from the sidewalk). Families of swans and ducks used to inhabit the islets. Floating in formation, the swans suggested grace and tranquility. For me, these creatures are one of the elements that represent the enchanting antique beauty of Asbury Park.

Image 1.3.1 Sunset Lake, looking west. As you can see, in the distance, a bridge divides the lake (along with a parallel footbridge). The thick growth of trees on the other side of the bridge is evidence of the "cupcake islets." In the foreground of the image is the monument to Founder James A.Bradley.

Image 2.3.1.The little bridge from Grand Avenue to Saint John's Island.

For more photos of beautiful Sunset Lake, click HERE.

Now that we've located the lakes, let's go back to the northern border and begin to examine some of the attractions that made up Asbury Park's beachfront district. Little by little we'll work our way south, back to Wesley Lake.



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