26. Asbury Park

From Kingsley Street to Main Street

The Residences

Apart from the Metropolitan Hotel (which we have seen), and several other grand hotels no longer extant, most of the lodgings of this area were smaller, usually of the rooming house kind. A great number of private homes, attractive Victorians, still occupy his region. Many are now dual- or multi-family dwellings.

Image 1.26.2. A general example of architecture found from Kingsley Street to Main.


Image 2.26.2. Houses and small hotels at the intersection of Kingsley Street and Sixth Ave. (Unfortunately, the landscaping is no more. Through the years, many landscaped medians have disappeared from Asbury Park.)


Image 3.26.2. The Crane House, 508 Fourth Avenue, is among several important restored Victorians in the Kingsley-to-Main district. Prolific author of The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane lived here with his family in the 1890s, when he was Jersey Shore reporter for The New York Tribune. The house is now a Crane museum and is open to visitors by appointment.


Image 4.26.2. Beautifully maintained houses across the street from Sunset Lake. Currently, the higher streets in Asbury Park (roughly Sixth to Deal Lake Drive) tend overall to be in healthier architectural shape than the lower streets, though there are some great individual exceptions.

At one time there was a choice selection of private mansions in the Kingsley-to-Main area. One of the last surviving is the Cornelius House, on Second Avenue just west of Grand. For many years it has been Buckley's Funeral Home. I can't wait to be laid out here.

Image 5.26.2. Built in 1905, the Cornelius House (Buckley's Funeral Home) is a gorgeous example of Georgian Revival. Stain glass windows, indoor columns and a divided central staircase are among the features of this house.

Click HERE to see a few more images of houses in this region.

Grand Avenue is next! We will have a look at a few really marvelous churches.



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