"So there I was in the Pemako region of Tibet, deep within the Himalayas, following the seemingly endless Tsangpo Rapids, searching for the Lost Waterfall and the Gateway to Paradise that are mentioned in ancient Tibetan texts. Somewhere near Namche Barwa I became separated from my party -- and hopelessly lost. I wandered for days, braving frighteningly steep slopes, thick forests of mysterious trees and stinging plant-life that blistered the skin, all the while avoiding the pit vipers, the vicious bloated leeches and the Monpa tribesmen, who believe they can steal an outsider's karma by poisoning him.

"Near collapse, and on my last overpriced banana-flavored Power Bar, I slid into a seated position against a bolder at the edge of a deep gorge. I dosed, awakened and dosed again, the inner world of my dream state and the mists and vertical rock-towers before my eyes commingling.

"Then I saw it -- the most secret and sacred spot of all: The Place of Lost Things. "


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