Imperial Asbury Park

If you read my "40 Chapter Tour" of Asbury Park you learned about certain impressions I have retained from growing up in Asbury. I call the above photo "Imperial Asbury Park" because it seems, to me, an image that suggests the seat of some ancient empire or kingdom. "Asbury Babylon" might be another title. This exotic "far-off" flavor beautifully haunts the minds of those who grew up in Asbury Park when the town was in sparkling good health. What a precious time to have experienced and absorbed!

Believe it or don't, I took this photo in July 2004! Of course, I've doctored it up a bit on the computer. The ORIGINAL is not as nice, but the angle is still highly suggestive of the feeling. I put the sainted griffins (or seahorses) back, filled in the rotting roof, took out the graffiti and added flowers and a nicer sky.


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