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Some of these were originally QuickTime movies that I converted into animated gifs for easy playing on all browsers. Those that have sound are either QuickTime (which you must have installed) or YouTube postings. Click on a thumbnail ...

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ISLAND OF VARIOUS BUILDINGS. Ride an invisible roller-coaster through a small island of many buildings. See "Tillie" and a few other fly-by sights as you go.  

FUNHOUSE. I love interesting, intricate spaces. I would love to do a thousand of these, all different. Oh, if there were world enough and time!  

X-RAY. A few seconds of comedy. 

FLOATING FIGURES.  Made from an antique French postcard. I added some of my own music. Note: This animation opens in YouTube.  

TRANSFORMATION OF A VENETIAN FACADE.  A little exercise to which I added some of my own music.Note: This animation opens in YouTube. 

A CLEARLY INSANE WOMAN IN THUNDERSTORM (and certainly not dressed for such weather).  Note: This animation opens in YouTube.

TRANSFIGURED FIGURE 1. Derived from an antique French postcard.  Note: This animation opens in YouTube.